Tastiest & cheap bakery in Bukit Batok

Tiramisu and raspberry cheesecake

There are many bakeries at Bukit Batok St 11 but why do i say that this bakery at blk 152 is the best?

I have tried all the bread and cakes from all the bakeries in Bukit Batok St 11, when this new bakery shop opened at blk 152 i was skeptical of the taste of their bread and it was selling at $1 only.

Until my colleague who always buys the bread from them told me that their bun is very delicious and asked me if i would want to buy some. I agreed.

I bought golden larva bun, luncheon meat bun, tiramisu and raspberry cheesecake (sorry i didn’t take a photo of the buns as i was too hungry and it was too delicious till i forgot to take a photo of it.). However, the cake is not selling at $1 each. Haha!

Their buns are really delicious especially the two buns which i have bought. However, their cakes taste average. Maybe because the cake that i bake taste better. XP


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