Lor Mee at Bukit Merah Hawker

Lor Mee
Fish soup (images taken from http://ieatandeat.com/)
The fish soup stall (images taken from http://ieatandeat.com/)

My mum asked me to accompany her to Bukit Merah because she needs to settle something over there. The immediate food that came to my mind is the fish soup. Can you imagine i think of food and eat only? Haha!

The fish soup is damn delicious. You must go before lunch time in order to get a bowl of fish soup with lots of fried egg crumbs. If you go later, you might not get it. If you go after 2pm, it is sold out already. 

When i reached there, the fish soup stall was closed. 😦 My mum suggested eating lor mee as the lor mee is nice too so she went to order.  When i mixing the lor mee, there are many ingredients such as pork belly, fried dumplings and wu xiang. 

Ever since i moved out from Jurong West, i have not eaten a delicious lor mee than the one in Jurong west ave 1 hawker center. This lor mee is delicious but not as delicious as the one in Jurong west ave 1 hawker center. If you guys have any nice lor mee to introduce, please feel free to comment below. 🙂


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