PPP Laser Clinic

This is the 5th time that i have did micro-laser and around 30 sessions of Laser & light cleaning system (LLCS) at PPP laser clinics. It is just 5 minutes of dry cleaning your face and you will feel that you face is clean and smooth. There is also no downtime so you can do it again an hour later. 

The difference between micro-laser and LLCS is that
micro -laser has 3 processes  
Step 1: warm touch which helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkle, acne and scar. 
Step 2: Micro-laser which helps to smoothen your skin and reduce pores.
Step 3: LLCS which helps skin rejuvenation.
while LLCS, as you can see, it helps skin rejuvenation only.

I knew about it from an iPhone application, Pru-health assist which my friend asked me to download because i am able to get free $5 coffee bean voucher after signing up with the application. after i signed up, i went to the promotion tab and i saw that there are 3 trial sessions for $40 (U.P $60) at PPP laser clinics which i thought it is cheap. I called them and i realised that the promotion is over, however, there is another promotion which is 20% discount for the 3 trial sessions if you pay by POSB/DBS debit card.

I went down on that day, the staffs are friendly. They told me that there is also another trial session which is 6 sessions with 6 pieces of masks at $120 while the 3 trial sessions are without the mask. After i have decided which trial sessions to take, they helped me to register and go through my health condition such as if i have pacemaker, golden thread in my face, tattoo eyebrow and etc. They will also go through the do and don’t with you. 

The staff will give you a wipe to remove makeup, oil, and dirt on your face. You will feel your skin smooth and clean using the wipes. When it is your turn, you just lie down and the doctor will explain to you what will you see after the session and how you would feel during the session. Then the doctor will start the session. After that, you will go to the counter to collect the mask which you have bought (the best thing is  you can ask them to help you to keep your mask so you dun have to bring it everything after each session), put it on your face for 5 – 10 mins so while waiting you can play with your phone. After that, go to the counter to collect the moisturizer. If you do not want to apply the mask, you can just apply the moisturizer and go.

Tada! It is all done in 5 – 15 mins. You can visit their website. You can also visit any of their outlets and say that is Jervine introduce you to here and you will get 3 free trial sessions. 🙂

Putting mask after LLCS. Haha! Like a ghost.
Putting mask after LLCS. Haha! Like a ghost.
The acne scar on my forehead has lightened after 2 sessions.
My face after micro-laser (like pixelated image right?)
A bit of redness after micro-laser
This is my face now. Amazing? Keke
Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 3
My Face now

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