Farewell Lunch with Boss

I was quite shocked to know that my previous company is going to close down. I knew about it last week so we are having our farewell lunch at Prive in NUS. This news spoils my holiday mood a little because i was going to Genting with my family last Sunday.  It was the first time in Prive NUS. It is a fine dinner restaurant. 

It has a small loaf of bread to ease your hunger for a while
Wild Mushroom soup as Starter. It is damn delicious as you can eat many sliced wild mushrooms and the mushroom taste is very strong, very different from those instant creamy mushroom soup.
Tiger Prawn linguine. The prawns are actually very big and firm. Damn fresh! The linguine is so so only.
Actually, i ordered 70% cocoa chocolate, the staff mixed up my dessert with my boss’s dessert. This is his dessert and i am able to eat two desserts after my boss went to complain that they have mixed up our dessert. Haha
Had double espresso while waiting for them to bring us the correct dessert. Haha!
Tada! This is my 70% cocoa chocolate. It is damn delicious. Sorry I just can’t resist chocolate!!

Anyone able to go to the restaurant. It is located at 11 Kent Ridge Dr, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Storey 4, 119244. Check out their website at http://theprivegroup.com.sg/tuc.html.


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