Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 1

I always thought that it is expensive to go to Japan. Many people said that it is expensive to go to Japan. Air tickets, food and things are expensive in Japan. One day, my friend messaged and asked if I would like to go to Tokyo, Japan to see plum blossom. We never chat for months and she just asked me to go Japan with her and I just agreed without hesitation.

We planned to go on a budget trip. However, people usually think that budget trip means you have to take budget airlines, stay in hostel, eat cheap food, no shopping and itineraries. However, i find that my budget trip is consider luxurious. You will know why after i share my trip details. 😆

We realized that air tickets were usually cheaper if we fly on Tuesday and Wednesday. Therefore, we decided to go on Wed and come back on next Tue.

After we took our leave, I started browsing for cheapest air ticket with less stopover and cheapest accommodation. Surprisingly, i found that Philippines airlines 2-way tickets to Narita International airport and back to Singapore are so cheap. Although, there was a 2 hr 55 mins stopover at Manila International Airport, it was still cheaper than other budget airlines such as Tiger airways, AirAsia and Jetstar. It include in-flight meals, entertainment and 23kg check-in baggage. Guess how much is it? It was $360.40 SGD only!!!

Next, I went to Airbnb to search for accommodation. I found this attic house which is very cozy and cute. The owner provide pocket WiFi so you will have internet whereever you go. The owner replied promptly and she would send you a document on how to go to her house from Narita International Airport, how to get the key to her apartment, how to operate the heater/air-condition and  washing machine and the password to the pocket WiFi around 10 days before check-in, . She sent a very detailed instruction on how to go to her apartment. It cost $364 SGD for 7D6N, which is $182 SGD/ person.

I planned my itinerary using visitacity. It has an mobile apps which will assist you to navigate around in Japan. The apps also able to plan the itinerary for you but you are still able to modify the itineraries based on your plan. You would have to sign up an account so the itineraries will be synchronized across all platforms.

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After I have planned my daily activities, I calculated the transport fee based on the transport fee given from “visit a city” mobile apps and compared it with the 7 days Tokyo Metro Pass which cost 3800 Yen. There is no 7 days Tokyo Metro Pass so you have to buy 2 X 3 days Tokyo Metro Pass and 1 X 1 day Tokyo Metro Pass where there will be 1 day (0.5 day travelling from Singapore to apartment and 0.5 day travelling from apartment to Singapore) that I will not be utilizing the pass fully. Tokyo Metro Pass also can only be bought at certain places.

The 7 days JR Ordinary Pass cost 29, 110 Yen which is more expensive than the total transport expenses. Therefore, we did not purchase either of the pass.

**Do note that if you buy Tokyo Metro Pass, you still have to pay for JR train ride if you transfer train from Tokyo Metro line and vice-versa. For example, if you would like to go to Shinjuku from Ginza, you have to take Marunouchi Line (Tokyo Metro Line) to Shinjuku-Sanchome and change to Yamonote Line (JR East) to Shinjuku.

I shall share about my trip and cost breakdown of each day in next post. Stay tune. 😀


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