Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 2

Hi guys! Day 1 of my budget trip to Tokyo Japan. Please remember to download myPAL Player before boarding Philippines Airlines because you are able to watch movies, TV series, read e-book and listen to music with the apps while on the plane. 😉

Many of my Filipino friends told me that Philippine Airlines is like Singapore Airlines. I was excited and my experience with Philippine Airlines was indeed superb. They provided newspaper to read, a meal, pillow to sleep, blanket to cover and free-flow of drinks. The flight attendants were very attentive to customer’s need. They will ask if you need to throw the trash the moment you finish drinking or eating your food. They will on the light for you when you are reading.

I was not hungry during the flight from Singapore to Manila so I did not take any meal. Then I thought about it “It’s included in my fare why i didn’t take? I shall take in another flight.”.

Had sea salt caramel ice-cream for dessert with a cup of coffee instead. Yum Yum
Japanese Bento while on the flight from Manila to Tokyo.
Arrived at Narita International Airport

At the Narita train station, we went to the JR Skyliner counter and show her the train stations we will be going to in order to get to our apartment and she told us in detail that she only able to sell us train ticket to Komagome Station at around 2600 Yen (SGD$32.50). Remember that I mentioned in part 1 that there are different train companies operating, that’s why they are only able to sell train tickets to Komagome Station. 

We spent another 1200 Yen (SGD$15) to buy a Suica with the value of 1000 Yen (SGD$12.50) at Komagome Station so we are able to use it like ezlink card in SG to travel around.

Our bedroom
Decoration at the stairs
Bathroom, dining room and Kitchen
Tokyo Tower

I wanted to go up the observation tower to view the whole of Tokyo but it started to rain so we went to Shibuya as there are shopping centres and cafes to shelter us from the rain.

I did not expect it to be so cold.


We did not do much but my friend bought an umbrella which everyone is carrying. I feel that we are “blending” well with them. Keke.

On Day 1, we spent around SGD$32.50 on transportation and SGD $2.50 to buy suica.


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