Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 3

We tried to wake up early on 2nd day of our vacation because we are going to Tsukiji Market however we still overslept and reached there at 10 am. The nearest train station to Tsukiji Market is Tsukiji Train Station on Hibiya Line which cost  240 Yen (SGD $3). We were told that it will close at 11 am, however, when we arrived we realized that outer market does not close so early, it’s inner market which will close at 11 am.

Outer market is where tourist able to eat lots of seafood bought from the inner market while the inner market is where store owner will bid for the best fish to sell for the day. Only visitor with visitor pass is able to go into the inner market.

Crispy red bean cake from the stall shown on the left. It’s 130 Yen  (SGD $1.63)


Corn fish cake and seafood and cheese fish cake. (300 Yen, SGD $3.75)
I don’t really like fish cake but these two fish cakes were delicious.
Grill Scallop with sea urchin. (750 Yen, SGD $9.38)


My favorite Tamago (100 Yen, SGD $1.25). There are many Tamago shop there,
do not eat at the wrong stall. Go to the one as shown below.


Tamago Stall


A plate of seafood with scallop, sea urchin, fish and crab (1000 Yen, SGD $12.50)
and a plate of one leg of Alaska crab (1500 Yen, SGD $18.75).

Then it started to rain again and my friend was having a headache so we went to convenient shops to look for panadol. We are unable to find it even we told the staff about it, they do not know what is it.

I got to ask my friend from Japan what do they eat when they were having a headache. While waiting for my friend to reply, we went to the 12 storey Uniqlo around Shinjuku-Sanchome train station. Transportation fee is 200 Yen (SGD $2.50) from Tsukji. Wow! 12 storey Uniqlo!! We went in and started shopping. We were comparing the price with Singapore. Most winter wear such as coat, heat tech and jacket was almost 50% cheaper than Singapore. I bought the latest wireless bra at 1990 Yen (SGD $24.88), seamless underwear at 590 Yen (SGD $7.38) and 1 extra warm heat tech pants at 990 Yen (SGD $12.38). A total of SGD $44.64. Guess how much it is selling in SG? Wireless bra at $29.90, seamless underwear at $9.90 and extra warm heat tech pants at $24.90 which cost a total of $64.70

After finished shopping, my friend from Japan replied to my message. They sent me a picture of the medicine (refer to the image below) which can only be purchased in drugstore such as Sugi drug store.

If you are having a cold and headache, buy this from Sugi drugstore.

We had lunch a Coco Curry around Shinjuku-Sanchome train station.

I had half serving of hamburger curry rice with vegetable juice around 800 Yen (SGD $10.00)

Then we went to a cafe and have dessert.

Vanilla cream puff and Tiramisu Latte

As my friend was not feeling well, we went back to our apartment to rest. Transportation cost 240 Yen (SGD $3). At around 9pm, we went to nearby convenient store to buy dinner. I ate Cheese cup noodle and my friend ate spicy cup noodle and the following snacks for 1500 Yen (SGD $18.75).

Peanut Mochi Ice-cream


Peanut ice-cream


There was brown sugar syrup (I think), and mochi inside. OMG~~


Chocolate Mousse


They have a packet to pour peanut onto the chocolate mousse.


Cream puff


Crispy crust and fragrance vanilla cream.

I spent SGD $8.50 on transportation, SGD 44.64 on clothing and SGD $77.26 on food. A total of $130.40 on day 2 of the trip. 😀

Do you all think it’s worth with the amount of food I ate and a number of items I have bought? Comment below what is your thought.


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