Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 4

Day 3 of the trip, My friend and I went to Harajuku for breakfast because we made a reservation to Owl Cafe online. Here is the link to their website. We were excited. When I reached Harajuku, I was surprised that there were many students. I was thinking “They do not have class? Or is it Friday so they end class early? But it’s 9 am only!!.”. Hmmm..

Anyway, the transport fee from Oji-kamiya to Harajuku is 370 Yen (SGD $4.63)

We went to Hand Drip Cafe to have our breakfast. The french Toast was delicious, it melts in your mouth. OMG!! 😍😍 I had Soy Latte too but it tastes average. The total cost of the breakfast is around 800 Yen (SGD $10.00).

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We arrived at the owl cafe. We paid 1500 Yen (SGD $18.75) for 1hr course with drinks, souvenir and 35 minutes play time with the owls. I think it worth it.

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The staff will introduce all the owls to us and tell us what does the owl likes to be touch so we will not piss the owl.  The staff is also very friendly to answer all questions.
Thereafter, we went to a food court to have lunch. However, their food court is not like food court in Singapore. The floor and stairs are very colourful. There is a photo booth where people able to walk in and take pictures with the soft toys, on the sofa provided in the photo booth and etc. There is also a stage for celebrities and other performances.
We ate the kebab stall, Kebab king. I ordered Kebab sushi and My friend ordered Kebabyaki at 500 Yen (SGD $6.25) each.
 Just opposite there is a shop,  Zaku Zaku by BAKE, with very long queue. We saw the people standing outside and eating Chou-Croquant. We went to queue. I don’t regret queuing up. The picture of it is with my friend and she has not process and send me the photo. 1 is for 220 Yen (SGD $2.75).
It was crispy on the outside and the custard is smooth and soft.

As we walked down Harajuku street, we saw another owl cafe with Bengal Cat cafe. The owl’s forest is cheaper than the previous one we saw. It cost 786 Yen (SGD $9.83) and has unlimited time. The Bengal forest cost the same.

We went to Bengal cat forest to check it out. We bought a ticket for both attractions for 1386 Yen (SGD $17.33). The cats were running around and staying on top of the pole. When you want to touch the cat, the cat will dodge away. I thought WOW the cat is so clever. In my opinion, you have to depend on your luck to play, pat and carry the cats.

We tried to stay longer but it was so difficult to get the cat to even sit on our lap. Hence, we went to visit the owl forest. When we entered, the friendly staff greeted us and told us the dos and don’ts.
Following are pictures of the owls in the owl forest.

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The owl’s forest was cheap but there is no introductory of us to the owls so we do not know the name of the owl. We were unable to get the owl to stand on our arms. Most of the time we are trying our luck to pat the owl and not to piss the owl. Therefore, do not be “cheated” by the price.

There is Tourist Information Center in Harajuku. We saw that it is selling tickets to Hedgehog cafe for 1404 Yen (SGD $17.55) and robot restaurant at 6800 Yen (SGD $85.00), which is 1200 Yen (SGD $15.00) cheaper than booking from their website. We went in and bought 2 of the attractions.

Then we decided to go and see Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow Bridge is an enormous suspension bridge that connects Tokyo with the man-made island of Odaiba. I do not know how do I google and  I googled that we alight at Tamachi Station. 😂😂 When we reached then i realized Shibarafuto station is nearer. The transport fee from Harajuku to Tamachi is 200 Yen (SGD $2.50)

I told my friend and she still decided to walk. It was damn cold night about 8 degree and windy. We walked all the way to the bridge. Along the way, there was a lot of restaurants and high-rise buildings. Many business men and office ladies walking to the station. I think it is their CBD area. There were many of stores which look like 7-11 within walking distance but not all sell cigarette. Hmmm… As we walked nearer to the destination, it gets more quiet and dark. I was worried. We saw a sign written in Japanese and we do not understand. My friend told me to take a photo and upload to Google Translate to translate. I don’t know even know that. Do you guys know about it? Google translate “Rainbow Bridge”, we were jumping in joy!!

When we saw the colorful thingy from far, my friend and I was so excited, we thought we have found the bridge. In the end, it is not the bridge, it is the ferries wheel in Odaiba. The bridge did not light up but we were amazed by the view from where we are. The sea and Odaiba island. Sorry, i did not take any picture because my handphone died and my camera resolution is not very good. 😦

I would go there again and this time I will alight from Shibarafuto station. Do note that the bridge only light up during special occasion which i just found out. I shall check if the rainbow bridge in Korea is also the same before i go. LOL

My handphone died and we walked back to Tamachi Station with our memory. Walking through the cold and windy night.

I spent SGD $7.13 on transportation, SGD 138.63 on attractions for 3 days (including today) and SGD $19 on food. A total of $164.76 on day 3 of the trip.


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