Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 5

Hey, people, sorry for the late update because I have been busy learning French and trying to sell my web application online. Do check out the POS system that i have done at http://www.ja-web-solutions.com/portfolio-view/one-pos-kds/.

Let’s continue my budget trip sharing session. 😀

On day 4, We went to our favorite cafe Doutor to have breakfast near Komagome train station. The transport fee is 170 Yen (SGD $2.13) from Oji-kamiya. I had ginger teriyaki chicken sandwich, Matcha Latte and original crepe (ard 800 Yen, SGD S10.00). My friend had avocado shrimp and Mocha. Actually, we do not have to worry that we are unable to read the menu, we can request for English menu and they are fine with it.

Ginger teriyaki chicken and avocado shrimp sound like weird combination right? I don’t like Ginger and Matcha but I feel like trying it out.

Then we walk to Rikugien Garden. We paid 300 Yen (SGD $3.75) for the entrance fee.

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Then we went to Shinjuku-gyoen. Shinjuku-gyoen is the largest and most beautiful park in Tokyo as it has a lot of plum and cherry blossoms. On the day we went, it was plum blossom season but we are lucky to catch some cherry blossoms. The entrance free is 200 Yen (SGD $2.50). The transport fee is 200 Yen (SGD $2.50) from Komagome to Shinjuku-Sanchome.

When we went in, we saw a very large greenhouse. It’s free entrance!! The greenhouse is like mini cloud forest in Garden By the Bay Singapore. It has lots of tropical trees and flower.

Below are images in the Greenhouse

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Below are images in Shinjuku-gyeon park.

The park close at 4:30 pm and they will announce that the park is closing. It is so huge that we couldn’t finish. I will go there again.

We went to the Halal Ramen shop, Halal Ramen Ouka, nearby. You have to make a reservation as there will be many people eating there. We went to leave our number and went to the nearby cafe to wait for their call and charge our phones.

At around 6 pm, we were seated. The menu is very simple. You choose the size of the ramen (small, regular, large and extra-large) then the soup base (spicy or non-spicy). Their ramen set come with a bowl of ramen, a small bowl of rice, a chicken ball, teriyaki chicken and a small cup of black tea after the meal to help you to digest the food better.

Sorry I did not take a picture because my camera has low battery and i would like to save it for Robot Restaurant later. The meal cost (1700 Yen, SGD $21.25). I think it’s worth it for so much of food.

Next, we traveled to Shinjuku to robot restaurant. The transportation cost 170 Yen (SGD $2.13). We put our belongs in the locker at the train station at 300 Yen (SGD $3.75). There are lockers in every train station.

We lost our way there as our pocket WiFi died, we are unable to navigate around so we asked one of the Japanese passer-by. She was very nice. She walked us all the way there then she left.

Below are some images and videos I took in robot restaurant.

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Unfortunately, someone mistakenly took my jacket, we have to go back to our apartment immediately as it is 8 degree outside and I am unable to withstand the cold.

Hence, I spent SGD $31.25 on food, SGD $3.75 on locker rental, SGD $6.25 for park entrance fee and SGD $6.76 on transportation. A total of $48.00 on day 4 of the trip.


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