Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 6

On the 5th day,  we went to Harajuku. The transport fee is 370 Yen (SGD $4.63)

We have breakfast at Hand Drip Cafe

Below, are pictures of our breakfast. I had breakfast set and their fluffy pancake at around 1100 Yen (SGD $13.75). The corn soup and corn beef mashed potato is nice. I dipped the cheese bun into the corn soup to eat or put a little corn beef mash potato onto the cheese bun because I felt that the cheese bun is too plain. The fluffy pancake is so delicious. It’s crisp on the outside and soft inside.

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After breakfast, we went to hedgehog cafe. After you alight at Harjuku train station, you cross opposite to GAP department store and turn right. As you just walk pass one building beside GAP, turn left and you will see iQOS building, walk straight and the cafe building is beside Doutor. You are able to make a reservation online here but we bought it at Japan tourist information counter so we paid 1630 Yen (SGD $20.38) to play with  hedgehog for 45 mins and have hedgehog treats.  If you bought from online, it’s 1630 Yen for 30 mins playtime and hedgehog treats. A cup of free drink is included.

When we arrived, we were shocked by the long queue to the cafe. We was wondering if the cafe able to fit so many people until we went in. Be prepare to share table with strangers.

The staffs were friendly. They would teach us how to carry the hedgehogs. Most of us was afraid to carry it and sometimes we will be scared by the hedgehogs when we touch it because the hedgehog will jerk suddenly. Be careful, it’s spike will poke you when it jerk. Don’t worry, glove is provided. If you really still unable to carry the hedgehog, the staff will carry and put it on your hands. 😀

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My friend did a research online and it state that many cos-players will hang out at the park on weekend so we head to Yoyogi park. As we cross over to the train station and walked over the bridge, there is a guy beat-boxing. I like the way he said “Thank You” when passer-by gave him tip.


After that, we continue to walk down to Meiji-jinku Shrine entrance. We thought Yoyogi Park is inside. =/

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Traveling is about exploring so .. we walked out again and we asked the guard at the entrance where is Yoyogi Park and he was very friendly. He told us how to go even though his English is poor.

I was amazed by the number of performers and people in the park. There were performers dress like Elvis dancing, artist drawing, drummer drumming, people practice flute, saxophone, dancing, bartender practicing doing stun with empty bottle, and people practicing juggling. There were also people taking their pets for stroll, picnic and playing other sports.

Then in my mind, i was thinking “Wow! I don’t think many Singaporeans will be so daring to practice flute, saxophone, dancing and etc in the park. There will also not be so many people in the park in such a hot and sunny day.”.


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The park is too big for us to walk finish. We walked back to Harajuku for dinner. We went to a small Japanese sushi restaurant. It was so cool. We ordered our food from the iPad and the food will “fly” straight to your table. There will an alert on the iPad when your food has arrived.

I had a bowl of ebi tempura udon, 1 semi-grilled otoro, 2 semi-grilled salmon with pepper and 2 tamago for 999 Yen (ard SGD $12.50).

We went to marion crepe to have dessert as recommended by a Japanese friend. We had banana, caramel cheesecake for 530 Yen (SGD $6.63).

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Hence, I spent SGD $32.88 on food and SGD $4.63 on transportation. A total of $37.51 on day 3 of the trip.


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