Budget Trip to Tokyo Japan for 7 Days @ $1400 SGD/pax Part 7

On the 6th day of my trip is my bad and also my lucky day.  I was damn pissed with my friend. Before the trip, I told her that I would like to go to Mount Fuji. She was the one who was so excited, did all the research and sent me all images of the itineraries.  The day before I planned to go Mount Fuji then she realized that Mount Fuji was not in Tokyo and she was complaining that it is far and the travel expenses were expensive. I was thinking if going to mount Fuji cost 1,750 Yen (SGD $21.86) is expensive what about the robot restaurant which she wants to go? It cost 6800 (SGD $85) Yen after discount.

Nevermind, I kept quiet. Then, she asked me to research on how to go. I found that there is an express bus from Shinjuku to Kwakuchiko for 1,750 Yen but she doesn’t trust my research, she went to research on a route which requires us to transfer train 3 times and it is more costly. Nevermind, I shall follow her idea.

The next day, we woke up and took a train to Shinjuku to buy express ticket to Otsuki station.  While on the way to Shinjuku from our train station, we have to transfer train at Komagome Station from Nanboku to JR line. I followed her and she walked to the wrong direction and in the end, we have to walk up the slope to JR line and she started to complain again. She said that she do not want to go. We are unable to see the Mount Fuji because it is cloudy. blah blah blah. I got damn pissed and I just told her that I shall go there myself but she still follow me. The train ride cost 340 Yen (SGD 4.25) from Oji-kamiya to Shinjuku. We bought the express train ticket to Otsuki Station for 1320 Yen (SGD $16.50).

As most of the signs in Japan is written in Chinese or Japanese, she does not understand Chinese so she always asks me to read and tell her what does it state but she does not trust what I said. She kept on asking really? really?

When we reached Otsuki station, we went to buy the express train ticket to Kawaguchiko Station at 1440 Yen  (SGD $18). When we reach Kawaguchiko Station we have to pay another 2650 Yen (SGD $33.13) for traveling from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko (actually i don’t understand why). The total trip cost SGD $67.63, thanks to her.

When we reached, it started to rain and it was around 6 degree celsius.  She complained again but she stopped after seeing beautiful Shrine and Kawaguchiko Lake. The Mount Fuji Slowly appeared after the rain stopped and she got so excited and kept taking photos.

Below are the photos we took.

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While taking the train back to Shinjuku, she was saying that we spent so many hours traveling to Mount Fuji and blah blah blah. I just “shut down”, never listen to what she said. When we reached Otsuki Station to transfer train, she asked me to help her to read the Signage and I told her what I read. I was telling her that is our train going to Ciba, she totally ignored me or kept asking if i read wrongly. In my heart, I was thinking if you don’t trust me why do you ask me to read for you?. We almost board wrong train then she was like saying wah luckily she stopped me or we would have board the wrong train and blah blah blah. Then she saw the signage stating the train going to Ciba on the other platform and she shouted “See! Ciba!”. I got really frustrated and I told her that I kept asking you if we are going towards Ciba and you kept ignoring me. I said Ciba, Ciba, Ciba so many times. She got angry and scolded vulgarities at me. I got damn piss and I just ignore her.

It was 8 pm and we were looking for a halal restaurant for dinner and we found this famous fish-based soup ramen on Google. It is located in Shibuya. Our pocket WiFi has no battery so we were unable to locate the restaurant. We went to Mos Burger to use their WiFi however, their WiFi is very slow, i think many people are using so we asked the staff if they know where is the restaurant and she guided me there.  The Japanese are very friendly, they will definitely walk you to your location even though they are not going there, whenever you ask them for direction.

I believe my friend is complaining within herself that because I don’t bring a portable charger that’s why whenever my handphone or the pocket WiFi has no battery, we have trouble finding the way around Tokyo. I think this way because, on the 1st day, she asked if I bring my portable charger, I said I never because I seldom need to use. She said alamak! Traveling with me she have to prepare everything, whenever she travel with her another two friends, she does not have to worry about all this. I just replied that I think should be ok because my handphone battery able to last almost the whole day. On the 1st day, she also asked if I bought travel insurance. I said yup and she asked if I do buy for her. I said nope. Then she asked why I never buy for her, her friend will buy for her whenever they travel together. In my heart, I was thinking you are elder than me by 3 years old and you are still unable to be independent? You still need me to help you this and that? I just kept quiet because it was just the start of our trip and I do not want to spoil the mood.

Sorry for all the ranting, now back to the trip. When we reached the restaurant, it was full and we have to wait for our seats. There is no pork in the restaurant, chicken or seafood. I had the non-spicy ramen (ard 700 Yen, SGD $8.75) and she had spicy ramen. There is free-flow of plain water too.

After dinner, it was 10 pm. We went to 100 Yen shop and we were trying our luck to see if Donkihonte is still open. To our surprise, all the shops are still open on Tuesday. We did our last shopping, buying gifts and snacks back to Singapore. I bought an insole at 100 Yen shop.

In total, I spent SGD $143.76 on transportation and $8.75 on dinner and $1.25 on an insole on day 6 of the trip.


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